The Borghi route bag

The Borsa I Borghi route tour is a suggestive ride through the typical Macerata hills, white and secondary roads that lead to the discovery of the four small medieval villages of Urbisaglia, Loro Piceno, Mogliano and Petriolo.

Duration: about 4 hours by bike, breaks for stops at points of interest, for guided tours and for lunch are not included.
Length: about 42km.
Elevation gain: 800m.
Difficulty: Medium on an ebike, difficult on a muscle bike. Type of bicycle required Mountain-bike or Gravel.
Surfaces: Asphalt roads, dirt roads, compact dirt roads.

The minimum number of participants is two people and booking is recommended three days in advance by writing to or calling +39 335.7729250 or via Whatsapp

The participation fee includes:

- electric Mountain-bike rental service (helmet included)
- accompanying cycling tour guide
- I Borghi route scholarship

(Not including anything not mentioned in the points listed above)

Sports clothing is recommended (possibly in bright colors and especially suited to the forecast weather conditions), the use of sneakers, sunglasses, water bottle, windproof jacket, helmet (possibly available for hire) and shorts with caseback.
When using your own bicycle (obligatorily mountain bike or gravel) it is important to check that the brakes, gearbox and wheel pressure are working correctly.
Please note that compliance with the rules and regulations of the Highway Code is always mandatory, even on paths, mule tracks and secondary roads.

Route description

Meeting point and starting/ending point of the route: "Ecoup - sustainable mobility" bicycle rental point Contrada Abbadia di Fiastra, 7 - 62010 Urbisaglia (MC) - GPS coordinates 43.220590 - 13.406376.
Urbisaglia: The ring tour begins with a stretch of paved road that leads us towards a typical hilly district and towards a dirt road in the middle of the countryside with a beautiful panoramic view of the Chienti valley. We reach Urbisaglia, the destination of the first stage and we stop to fill the water bottles in a drinking water fountain.
Loro Piceno: From the top of the Colle di San Biagio di Urbisaglia and crossing the remains of the ancient Roman colony of Urbs Salvia we descend to the valley and then cross the Fiastra river. Then we continue pedaling along a dirt road that runs alongside the river bank and after a flat journey we go up the side of a hill to get to Loro Piceno, here instead of water we could fill our bottles with "vino cotto", a typical local product.
Lunch break: The time and probably also the kilometers covered by pedaling suggest that we have lunch and so we satisfy the culinary expectations by eating in a place with an intimate atmosphere and with excellent quality food.
Wives: We set off again in an easterly direction along a provincial road with little traffic where the countryside rich in olive groves (especially of the prized “Piantone di Mogliano” cultivar) are the main scenery towards the destination at about 300 meters above sea level in the village of Mogliano, known and appreciated for its flourishing craftsmanship linked to wickerwork and the art of weaving.
Petriolo: We leave Mogliano and head towards the last village of the tour, Petriolo, with the Sibillini Mountains behind us if the weather conditions are good now the panorama in front of us also includes the Adriatic Sea. We are an area rich in springs and among these, when we are in its vicinity, we recognize one of sulphurous waters by its unmistakable smell of sulfur.
Conclusion: There are just eight kilometers to go and we are in the heart of the Abbadia di Fiastra Nature Reserve, close to the end of the tour we are enjoying the relaxation that only bicycle rides can offer and pedaling after pedaling a long tree-lined avenue that leads to the starting point background for the conclusion of the experience.
Curiosity: Urbisaglia boasts the birth of the exclamation point! In 1360 the writer and poet Iacopo Apoleio, a native of the village, included in his work "De ratione punctandi" the "punctus admirativus" among the eight signs he codified and claimed its invention.

Loro Piceno, "the older the better", we are talking about cooked wine, it is a peculiar wine production where the must is boiled in copper containers and after boiling it is left to ferment for about three months exclusively in barriques oak or oak.

Mogliano, the Church of Santa Maria has kept the work of Lorenzo Lotto (Madonna in glory and saints) since 1548, the most important and precious painting commissioned by the community and executed in Venice together with its original frame, designed by the same painter. (After the 2016 earthquake it was transferred to the nearby Museum of Sacred Art).

Petriolo, the precious forgotten source of sulphurous water. This source to which therapeutic virtues are attributed and which was once the destination for treating the skin diseases of the domestic animals of farmers in the area, in 1571 was even the object of analysis and studies by the court doctor of Pope Sixtus V, Andrea Bacci.