Site cookie policy

During your navigation on the website of we acquire some data, such as the IP address of your computer and the pages of the website visited.

This data is collected exclusively to ensure that the site is functioning and navigable correctly. We collect some data for commercial purposes and, in some cases, for the identification of the user, who however remains anonymous.

Information of this type is present in special logs and can only be communicated to the Judicial Authority, in the cases provided for by law.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are information exchanged between the server and your computer. They allow statistics to be created on the areas of the site visited by users anonymously and are stored before being re-transmitted to the site itself on the next visit.

The cookies used therefore do not contain any personal information about users.

Cookies can be installed by the site you are visiting, in our case (so-called internal cookies: Technical, Analytics and Profiling) or they can be installed by other websites (so-called third-party cookies).

Most browsers are able to detect cookies and ask for their acceptance or not.

If you have set your browser not to accept cookies, interaction with the site could be difficult.

What are "Technical" cookies?

These are cookies necessary for navigation, without them you would not be able to browse our site and use some of its functions.

Some examples: access to the reserved area, remembering the process of accepting an offer and the choices made while browsing.

What are "Analytics" cookies?

These cookies collect information on how users use the website, for example which pages are visited most often and if users receive error messages.

The data collected is read in aggregate form to understand the efficiency of the site and the level of navigation experience; they are used only to improve the functioning and performance of the website.

What are "profiling" cookies?

These are the cookies used to track the user's navigation on and create profiles on his tastes, habits, choices, etc. With these cookies we can send you information dedicated to you in line with the preferences already shown during navigation.

What are "Third Party" cookies?

The so-called "third party" cookies are, however, set by a website other than

This is because on each site there may be elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than that of the site visited.

Some third-party cookies make it possible to record conversions related to ad requests.

What cookies do we use and why?

The site uses the following cookies:

Name - Domain - Duration - Origin - Type - Description - Link to third party privacy information
_ga - - ​​2 years - Internal - Analytics - Google Analytics cookie used to distinguish whether the user has previously accessed the site. It does not contain any personal information.

How to change cookie settings?

Most Internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change your browser settings to delete cookies or prevent their automatic acceptance.

You can also refuse the use of cookies but in this case, the possibility of providing you with personalized information and services will be limited, or some site features may not work properly and some of the services will not be available.

Below are a series of links to the guides for cookie settings for the main browsers.

Internet Explorer:
Internet Explore [mobile version]:
Safari [mobile version]:

We remind you that, by disabling cookies in your browser, these settings apply to all websites and not just this one.