BOSCH authorized service centre

BOSCH authorized service centre

Bosch eBike Systems is building the future of mobility : more and more people are switching to eBikes and even in the eBike sector , the real quality of each product lies in the assistance . We are Bosch dealers and with the compulsory training we have become real eBike specialists , we offer professional advice and more and more customers are satisfied with our work.

The first inspection of the eBike is recommended after about 4 weeks or about 300 kilometers travelled.

Some services offered

Professional Diagnostic Tool

With the help of Bosch professional diagnostics, we visualize the data of your eBike. We check the software version of the eBike components and install the required updates, ensuring that your eBike is always up to date.

Battery status

The CapacityTester allows us to personally detect the residual energy level of the eBike battery. The charge cycles performed and all the information on the battery are essential for evaluating the capacity and general condition.

Diagnostic report

At the end of each check we create the diagnostic report where the current state of the Bosch eBike components is shown and where a lot of useful information is indicated.


Many Bosch components are available for retrofitting. Book a request for assistance to check the software versions of your eBike components and evaluate the possibility of installing the most up-to-date components.

The BOSCH systems status page is very useful for knowing the system situation in real time and for always being updated on maintenance announcements .

BOSCH systems status page