Pedaling towards history and then into history with augmented reality.

From the rental point, our customers often choose the relaxing walk (about 10km) towards the Urbs Salvia Archaeological Park, pedaling in the fascinating context created by the amphitheater, the theatre, the aqueduct, the reservoir and many other structures of Roman origin.

From this new tourist season these wonderful monuments, thanks to augmented reality technology, open a window in time making them relive in their maximum splendour.

Urbs Salvia Archaeological Park

Urbs Salvia Archaeological Park

Urbs Salvia Archaeological Park opening hours :

From 15 June to 15 September: every day 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00. From 16 September to 14 June: Saturdays and holidays 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00 (summer time 19.00). From 2 November to 28 February: Saturdays and holidays 10.00 -13.00 and 14.30-16.30. Open every day from December 26th to January 6th. Closed on Christmas day and on the morning of January 1st. Always open for groups, by reservation.

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