Bikee Bike use the discount code "ecoup"!!!

The most powerful ebike? ...your bicycle!

Thanks to the Bikee Bike BEST conversion kit, you can convert your "normal" bike into an electric bicycle with super performance!

The Bikee Bike BEST kit is the electric motor produced in Italy with the highest torque power you can find on the market, 120 Nm !!!

Furthermore, the double native crown , the perfect chain alignment and the knob accelerator are unique features that only this innovative kit can offer you.

The cost of the kit is € 1350 for the 250W version and 320Wh battery, use the discount code " ecoup " to get a fantastic discount !

(the kit can only be purchased from the official sales channel )

ecoUp, as you can verify on the Bikee Bike website, is in the list of accredited resellers/installers.

For detailed information, videos and technical data, we advise you to read the review of the Independent Jobike Electric Bicycle Forum

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