Active Torque 250W

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The 250 W Active Torque Motor (TSDZ2) includes the following components: 250 W Active Torque motor, 42-tooth chainring, aluminum cranks, LCD display, speed selector, speed sensor, tightening wrench. For any doubts, please contact us.
Warning: engine suitable for most bikes on the market with a bottom bracket between 68 mm and 73 mm. For the installation service contact us.

Power 250W
Voltage 36v
Maximum torque 60Nm
Limited speed 25 km/h
Full speed 45 km/h
Weight 3.4 kg
Assistance levels 4 (eco, tour, speed, turbo)
Crown 42 teeth
Display LCD with USB port
Brake compatibility disc or V-Brake
Pedal cadence 1/1
Internal report 1:21,9
Assistance system pressure sensor
Noisiness <55dB
connectors waterproof quick release
Certification IP65 (fully protected against dust ingress and protected against water jets)

Active Torque 250 W motor approved for Italian legislation
(maximum power 250 W and limitation 25 Km/h)

On private routes, the maximum speed limit can be unlocked and it is even possible to exceed 45 km/h depending on the transmission ratio used.

The engine mounts crowns with a standard 5-hole pitch with a 110 mm bolt circle, this allows the user to easily replace the crown, it is in fact possible to mount a 34-tooth crown up to a 52-tooth one. In the particular case of installation on a bike used for very steep climbs, it is even possible to mount a 26-tooth chainring (applied directly to the engine). The crown supplied with this motor is 42 teeth if a different crown is required please contact us.

Thanks to the latest generation torque technology, the motor works intelligently following the user's pedalling, the pressure sensor modulates the force applied to the pedal and multiplies it at the transmission output with variable intensity based on the level of assistance selected.

The motor is easy to install, it does not need brake levers with motor detachment sensor as the torque system interrupts the assistance simply by not pressing the pedal, allowing for an optimal feeling with the user.

Teeth 42
Crown 42 teeth

The engine is fitted with a single 42-tooth crown as standard, but a crown with 34 to 52 teeth can be installed on request . In the particular case of installation on a bike used for very steep climbs, it is even possible to mount a 26-tooth chainring (applied directly to the engine). For double chainring applications please visit the product pages marked DS (double chainring).


170mm cranks.

standard displays
The display indicates the following information: level of assistance ( eco, tour, speed, turbo ), battery charge, speed, km travelled, partial and total. (all connections are IP65)
Speed ​​selector
The speed selector allows you to change the pedal assistance levels (eco, tour, speed, turbo) and the information shown on the display without having to leave the handlebars.
Installation service
The installation service allows you to entrust us with the assembly of the engine on your bicycle, our qualified and specialized experience is a guarantee of reliability and state-of-the-art work. Within 5 working days one of our couriers will first collect and then return your electric bicycle.