The female Cruiser is beautiful!

It's the last transformation-conversion we've done but it's certainly the first for beauty and quality! In this women's model Cruiser, the conversion with the Sunstar S03+ electric kit has produced a truly special integration which, thanks to the aluminum frame, releases all 44Nm of torque onto the road, guaranteeing prompt and effective assistance to easily overcome the most demanding climbs.

A curiosity, as shown in the images below we have also "hidden" in the frame the cable that goes from the computerino to the engine to obtain both an aesthetic and a technical advantage. We take advantage of this opportunity to explain to the less experienced that the solution chosen regarding the central motor with pressure sensor in technical jargon Torque sensor (torque sensor) instead of a motor with PAS system allows to obtain various advantages:

  • a more natural and fluid ride
  • greater autonomy
  • a freewheel bicycle (if you run out of battery with electric bikes with hub motors, we advise you to get off and push)
  • fewer cables (for example there are no engine block cables on the brakes)
  • optimal weight distribution for better climbing performance